Hello, World!

Nice to meet you, My name is Angel Valenciano.

I have a BSc. in Computer Science with Software Engineering Specialization.  I was born and raised in Canada and I currently live in the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario, Canada.

I have over 10 years of computer programming and Internet experience.

I've been marketing online for the last 5 years.

I love internet marketing and I love music too. Thus the name of this website, Rockstar Marketing.

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What I'm going to provide for you on this website are the simple systems, programs, tools and scientifically proven methods that I use everyday to grow my online business.

It is my sincere intention to be your guide.  Someone you can trust.  Someone to light the way as you walk the path of success, whatever that may be to you. 

Success for me is having time and money freedom in order to live a life as I freely choose.  And to make an impact in this world by sharing my knowledge with people who are willing to listen, learn, implement and take action towards their goals.

I've hit all the highs and lows in this industry but through persistence I finally learned from knowledgeable mentors and now know how to create the results I wish, at will.  I want to pass this knowledge onto you.  This website outlines what has worked for me over the years and what is working for me now.

I have "Cracked the Code" and you'll be surprised by making just a few adjustments in your marketing strategy, how this can drastically change your results... for the better ;)

Yours in Mastery,
"The Rockstar Marketer"

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