Online marketing is not a very difficult thing to master.  A lot of people complicate things way too much.  But in their defense with all the hype and "Big Red Shiny Buttons" out there I can see where all the confusion is coming from.  In this industry we are constantly being marketed to everywhere we look.

So what it comes down to is self discipline and focus.

What one must do in order to be successful with their online business is to stick to one thing, master it and then move on to another project only when they are making money with their original project.

What has helped me stay focused are the training platforms in which I belong to.

The training programs below have helped me drastically in achieving results in my online business and I know if you stay focused on following their training they'll help you too.

AffiliateFunnel - I've known Marci Jones-Fritz for many years and she's a great mentor.  She hosts the AffiliateFunnel
Webinars Every Saturday @ 12pm EST

Academy Of Home Business - I've known owner Rex Harris for a number of years and he has taught me many things, namely...  The number one strategy that all top earners use to create massive results at will.

He along with other AOHB members host incredibly value packed Daily Workshops.
Join AOHB for free and check schedule in back office.  You'll thank me later :)

PTC Cashflow Marketing - I've known owner Pierce Meyers for a number of months now and learned the fundamentals of generating steady consistent cash flow.   I admin our fb group.  Join PTCCashflowMarketing and then join our fb group HERE to get further training.

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